Score crashes Musescore

• May 27, 2021 - 13:42

The attached score, which I hadn't attempted to access in several months until this morning, now crashes Musescore no matter how I try to open it (e.g., starting from Musescore open, or starting from Musescore closed and double-clicking the score file). I don't want to lose this work. Can someone tell what's going on?


(Running Musescore under an up-to-date copy of Windows 10 on an Intel Core 7 based laptop.)

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Modal Chord Sets in C Major_v02.mscz 20.52 KB


Update to 3.6.2! (I can confirm the crash with 3.6.0)
For me that doesn't crash on opening this score (which itself had been last saved with 3.5.2)

Crash with MS 3.6.0 confirmed, but as mentioned no crash with MS 3.6.2, so update MuseScore and you should open the score again.

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