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• May 24, 2021 - 14:26

Могу ли я использовать MuseScore в коммерческих целях?
Да, вы можете.
MuseScore не налагает никаких прав собственности или лицензий на вашу работу, будь то ноты, экспортированные аудиофайлы или сами файлы .mscz. То, что вы создаете, является полностью вашим собственным творением, и вы сами решаете, что с ним делать.
Спасибо, по крайней мере, теперь я знаю, с кем имею дело. Теперь идите к своему господину и повелителю и скажите ему: Пользователь Farrierpete настаивает на этом праве, потому что оно является частью его пользовательского контракта с MuseScore.


1.) Why are you posting in russian, linking a german link of the FAQ in the English part of the forum?

2.) Why do you think you can't exercise your right of ownership on your scores?

3.) There are no overlords here; the software is open source, as is all of the community-provided support here on these forums

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Hi, Jeetee
Plain and simple: I'm still a big fan of the Open Sorce Software Musescore, created by Werner Schweer, Nicholas Froment and Thomas Bonte under the GNU License 2.0 since 2012, now more than ever! And I'm a fan of the idea of freely sharing music as (c) CC-BY-NC-SA to my friends in the community.
But please, read for yourself:
https://musescore.org/en/faq ' General, (First Order Point)
https://musescore.org/en/node/83186 ' An example for that Way of Publishing
Put two and two together, and you might answer your own question.
Best Regards

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Sorry, but no; it doesn't answer any of my questions at all.

1.) Why are you posting in russian, linking a german link of the FAQ in the English part of the forum?
So are you somehow assuming the owners of the MuseScore company are reading along here? If so, consider at least posting russian translations into the russian forums. But if it is any consolation, those people are all quite decently capable of reading English and usually don't browse the forums of .org (as those are a community effort mostly).

2.) Why do you think you can't exercise your right of ownership on your scores?
None of the things you've linked explain anything about why you think you can't exercise your right. Unless you somehow came here to complain about your scores being plucked off of the internet by some random person and you having placed those scores on the internet yourself. The notation software doesn't magically does that on its own.
Or perhaps you have some issues with that score sharing website (musescore.com)? In that case, read on a bit longer in the faq you've linked to find https://musescore.org/en/faq#faq-20657 which further links to https://musescore.org/en/node/277874 (although all of this mostly links back to question 1 though... Why are you posting this thing here?)

So the only "putting two and two together" that this leads me to is that you seem confused about the two sites with a similar name. No worries, this happens time and again and we (the community) have been asking them (the company) to make the site headers more distinct so it is more clear on which site you're posting. Again though, the linked FAQ should clear that up for you.

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Thanks for the detailed answer, Jeetee,

I would like to answer you in more detail. Not here though, but through another avenue where we are safe from eyes and ears that are not looking for music, but for people who know too much and talk too much.

That's all I can suggest.

One question: have you ever heard my music "Great Crush Collision (1896)" that I pinned to the commentary? What did you think of it? And, if you ran into some problem with that? Just ask me, for instance, by direct message


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If you feel the need to further dive into this topic privately, feel free to use the contact form on my profile to reach out. Just once again I'd like to stress that you are currently on the public community forums for a free and open source notation software; there are no eyes and ears or people that "know too much" around here; everything is in the open.

I did not look at your attached PDF before, as it is irrelevant to the topic at hand. But even if I would, it'll simply show up as a password protected PDF anyway, so there is nothing for me to see.

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