Top line missing from treble clef in pdf

• May 23, 2021 - 09:56

I'm using Musescore 3.6.2

When I print to PDF, all the scores look great except for one, where the top line of the treble clef is missing. Please advise.

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Ane Ayer.pdf 112.67 KB
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When I click on the attachment in my post above, the top line is visible, but not when I open the file from my hard drive.
I can't imagine why it would look OK on this forum, but not locally...

Sorry folks, ignore the above. All I needed to do is expand the pdf to fully-open on screen, and the line is there. Prints well too.

Back to work!

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Just a tip after listening to your file: if you want the repeats playback to work, it is not enough to add the left and right repeat sign. You have to split the measure 8. That is: select the F (first eighth note of the last beat) -> menu "Tools" ->Measure -> Split measure before selected note/rest
Then add the repeat symbol. And you get. 1Ane Ayer.mscz

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I also notice that there are many duplicate slurs (it's visible, eg, by dragging them). A priori harmless, but you might as well avoid it. For some time now, you only have to click once on the "Slur" line in the Lines palette, if that's the way you operate. Also the "S" shortcut works fine.
After deleting these unnecessary slurs : 2Ane Ayer.mscz

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"Not sure how that happened...".

Musescore changed a few versions ago from requiring a double click to add a pallet item to require only a single click. Unfortunately double click now adds two identical pallet items on top of each other so they cannot be seen unless you move one of them. Even more unfortunately, having such duplicated items causes them to work erratically leading to much confusion. A fix is in the works I believe but will likely not be seen until V 4 appears sometime later this year.

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