Two clef questions

• May 17, 2021 - 20:52

Please see the attached file.

  1. Measures 83 and preceding (left hand) are in the alto clef, which changes to bass clef at the beginning of m. 84. Any ideas why MuseScore won't generate a courtesy clef here? (The option to generate them is checked in Format/Style/Page, and they do work elsewhere -- see mm. 110-111.)

  2. The piece ends with a da capo. A courtesy clef is needed here since the opening of the piece is in the alto clef (right hand) but it ends in the treble. I added an empty measure and put in the alto clef plus the da capo text. I would not expect MuseScore to generate a courtesy clef automatically in this situation and that's OK. But adding the clef manually results in a standard size clef, not the smaller size used in mid-staff changes. I would like to fix that but can't figure out how. I have also encountered this large-size clef issue a few times before (in the middle of a piece, not at the end) so it would good to know if there's a way to force the use of a small clef.

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  1. If I delete the bass clef in measure 84 and then add a new one I get a courtesy clef at the end of measure 83.
  2. The RH starts and ends in treble clef. You don't need a clef change on the DC.
  3. Your Da Capo is just stave text. You can add it as a DC jump instruction and double click it to edit the text to be what you want. It will then work as a DC on playback.

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Thanks, Steve.
1. This works -- don't know where the problem came from, but it seems fixed.
2. This Allegro is an excerpt from a long suite. I highlighted the four pages and did File/Save Selection to get what I posted. For some reason, the beginning reverted to a treble clef, which I didn't notice. Sorry for the confusion. And there is a courtesy clef in the original (1753).
3. I will try adding a jump and see if that creates the courtesy clef. (I understand that what I have now is just staff text.)

Edit/Update: I created a jump (which played back properly) but it did not generate a courtesy clef. I tried copying an alto courtesy clef from m. 108 and pasting it in place of the larger one, then saved the file. When I reopened it reverted to the large clef. I tried again, this time turning off automatic placement for the clef; no go. This is an engraving project, so if someone can tell me how to force a small-size clef I will have what I need.

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