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• May 17, 2021 - 20:32


I want to build in a new music font into MuseScore. I really need to make my sheet music look vintage. There is a pianist Tom Brier who scanned old sheet music and created his own music fonts. I want to do the same thing. What should I do?


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It is not impossible to build in other additional fonts into MuseScore, you'd just need to do it all by yourself and build your own version of MuseScore.

But nobody else will be seeing that new fone when you're sharing an mscz file, it would only be visible to others (not having your private MuseScore version) in PDFs (and SVGs or PNGs)

Hi marijuspetrai,

If you succeed in this endeavor it would likely help me considerably if you can provide a synopsis of the steps involved.

Currently Musescore only allows a choice of eight baked-in fonts for the tablature staff font: Staff/Parts properties>Advanced Style Properties>Fret Marks>Font

I need to:

a) bake-in a few of my fonts to the tablature Staff/Parts properties>Advanced Style Properties>Fret Marks>Font

b) or, ideally, I could modify Musescore to allow it me to choose any system font from Fret Marks>Font as well as the baked-in fonts. In other notation apps I can set the tablature font to any system font. And so, for now, I have to keep using those apps when I need to use my fonts as the tablature staff font. But I'd rather fully embrace Musescore. And this is basically the tablature font issue is the main thing holding me back.

Please let us know how it goes!


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Unfortunately I don't know how to do that. I would love to become a developer but I think that is too difficult for me. I tried to create my music fonts and build them in but I failed because it's too difficult. However MuseScore 4 will have a lot more features than MuseScore 3. I highly recommend joining MuseScore Discord server and there all your questions will be answered. MuseScore 4 will have an opportunity to use your own SMuFL fonts for sure.



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