printed output is corrupted

• May 16, 2021 - 00:57

Hello folks!

I'm working on a score that looks fine in MuseScore and also when exported to PDF:

Mercy_Mercy_Mercy with extras.mscz

But as soon as I print it, either directly from MS or from my PDF viewer (Preview on Mac), the output is messed up. You can see the treble clefs are missing and there is some strange mark in its place:


I tried exporting to XML and back in to see if it might clear things up, but no dice. Rebooted the printer.

Does this print okay for you guys?


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Just to be clear, are you referring to AirPrint, the technology that allows an iOS device to print over WiFi?

Because I'm just using the standard:

iMac > MuseScore > File > Print > HP

approach, which I thought would be "the HP printer driver".

Or does it matter that the iMac and the HP printer are both networked via WiFI? Are you suggesting I should Ethernet-connect the HP printer?

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Actually even more specific, as far as I know it's only one specific model or line of HP printers: the LasertJet Pro series.

I don't know if macOS support any other wireless methods of printing other than AirPrint. Probably at one time Google Cloud Print might have worked, but I suspect no longer. Putting a PDF on a flash drive and physically carrying it to the printer would probably be another option though.

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