Ability to move notes horizontally in the score

• May 15, 2021 - 01:01

Hi All-
I often find I need to move a note or set of notes forward or backward by a given note value. Traditionally, this is done in the piano roll. One would click the note and drag it left or right.
I hope that this ability or its equivalent will be added in a future update.
Thank you,


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Hi, thank you for your response.
Yes, that is my work around. Very awkward though when you have to shift a bunch of chords.
And time consuming, if you have ever used a program where you can just grab a given set of notes and move them wherever you want in time. (Most common in sequencers)

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You can cut and paste as many notes at once as you like.

If you have a specific score where you are having trouble understanding how to move the notes, please attach it and describe the issue so we can understand and assist better.

Sequencers are inherently different from notation programs, because MIDI data doesn't need to conform to any sort of notation rules and can notes start and stop and any random time, even overlapping.

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Copy & paste is four clicks. How is that more labor intensive than any other method of moving things? Maybe a specific example would help, feel free to attach a score and describe what you are trying to accomplish in more detail.

The notes already have MIDI representation. but as mentioned, MIDI data can be manipulated in ways notation cannot. Most obviously, a MIDI note doesn't need to start in any meaningful place that can be represented in even divisions of a beat, plus multiple notes can overlap, starting and stop in random places, etc. Really, the two have almost nothing to do with each other when it comes to editing.

If there’s a reasonable workaround to what you want to achieve, I think you have to use that. It’d be a lot of work to write code for a feature that already works pretty well (at least for myself). MuseScore has gotten clearer so the learning curve should actually be lower than most DAWs.

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