MIDI input from digital piano

• May 14, 2021 - 18:47

Currently I am able to play back scores from musescore on my digital piano. However, I can't input notes by playing the piano.

  • I did plug in and start the piano before opening MuseScore.
  • I pressed N to enable note input beforehand.
  • MIDI input is enabled in preferences
  • Both MIDI Input and MIDI Output in I/O are set on "MMSystem,USB2.0-MIDI". I'm not sure if this is right


Some keyboards for whatever reaosn never send a "note off" message, or at least, not one MsueScore recognizes. That's how MuseScore recognizes you've entered a note- on release (to allow you to play chords that actually come out as such), so if your keyboard doesn't send them, you'd be out of luck most likely. other than that I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work given what you've described.

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