vertical - only display of my music scores

• May 13, 2021 - 23:56

How do I get Musescore to display my score with the horizontal staffs that I have always used? This "vertical only" organization makes it very difficult to work back and forth between different parts of a piece.

For example, I'm working on using two melodies together. In the old horizontal organization, I could reduce the size of the score and look at both melodies simultaneously as I worked with them. I cannot do that with the vertical-only organization because I cannot see both at the same time without making the print size too small to read easily.
This may have a simple solution, but I cannot find it.


There have been no changes whatsoever to how MuseScore presents your score. There, however, multiple different options you may have inadvertently set that can change the view. Like, you might have accidentally switched between page, continue, or single page view using the dropdown in the toolbar or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V. or you might have changed your settings in in Edit / Preferences / Canvas. If you attach a screen of what you are currently seeing, and describe in more detail what you would like to see instead, we can assist better.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I did think that I might have hit the wrong set of keys, and set myself up for this problem. So, I deleted the version with problems and opened an earlier version of the piece. THIS WORKED!!!
For right now, I am doing okay. But I am saving your letter so that if this happens again, I can get in contact with you.
Marjorie Task

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