Measure numbers ignoring system / section / page breaks and carrying over for about fifteen measures before correcting to new measure numbers

• May 12, 2021 - 00:12

Recently downloaded MuseScore 3.6.2 (had been using 3.6 test). Have generated 9-part score in five movements with no issues. Began copying and pasting individual parts score (for flute) and saw that in the third movement measure numbers may ignore section break (and system and page breaks) and continue for about fifteen measures before assuming proper measure numbers. Closing musescore the numbers revert to proper order, at times, but if I attempt to reposition them they either disappear entirely or revert to carry over numbers from the prior section. Can't find a fix. Can't find exact task that causes problem. Help?? Thanks so much!

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You have the style of the measure numbers set to show every 5 measures. To disable it, right-click on your score, select Style, go to Measure numbers, and adjust it to your needs

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Thanks for the quick response. I've tried disabling & enabling measure numbers, even restarting the program. For convenience of performers I'd like to stick to numbering every fifth measure.
So far this particular place in the part I captured and sent you is the only place I've noticed it happening. For now I'll not try to reposition those particular numbers. If I have any more issues with it I'll get back to you.
Thanks again for the response!!

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FWIW, most professional editors, and certainly the guru of such matters Elaine Gould, would strong advise against measure numbers every five bars. Those locations may may not musical sense whatsoever because they will appear scattered through each system. Better to have them at the start of each system where there is guaranteed room, then rehearsal marks (which can use measure numbers) at defined locations that actually make sense.

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Thank you, Marc! And thanks for bringing up Elaine Gould's book. Hadn't been aware of it before you mentioned it. My personal copy came Friday afternoon past that I could work on finishing up a score over the weekend. What a game changer and confidence builder Ms. Gould put together. I'd been going to Wikipedia with notation questions. No longer. She put it all at our fingertips.
So I finished the score this morning and wanted to thank you and all that have put MuseScore together.
What a joy and pleasure it is to have this free program that has made millions of people composers, or better musicians, or better however they use it. I haven't sent MuseScore money but on each score and part I publish I credit you all by including in the front matter "This score and parts were generated using MuseScore."
Thanks again so much.

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