Sharing a score with someone who can edit at the same time as me?

• May 9, 2021 - 15:53

I want to be able to share a score with someone else who can edit it at the same time as me, is that possible at all? And if not is there a way that I can share to someone who can edit it at a different time?


Real-time collaboration is not currently possible and probably won't be for some time, although I suspect that before the end of the decade we might see it.

But sharing in a "one person edits at a time" fashion is easy enough. For me the simplest way is to have the file on a shared folder in Google Drive or Dropbox or a similar service that can automatically sync between your computer and the cloud. With Google Drive, I find if I edit a file and hit save, the changes are visible to others who are accessing that same shared folder within a minute or so. So you'd have to coordinate your edits, but it beats the heck out of emailing files back and forth - which is, of course, also an option.

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I suspect this wording is in place mostly to disallow the sharing of Pro accounts in order to get around download restrictions. No doubt that taken literally it would also disallow use for co-creating of a score, but I also kind of suspect that if someone in a position of authority were to look at this and think about, they would consider this a valid exception, and perhaps rewrite that passage in the terms.

But also, I know that collaboration is on the radar anyhow. Consider things like how the online and recent scores list within MuseScore has blossomed in the last year, the new "Edit on desktop" button on, and various statements made by the core team about future directions. It's probably just a matter of time before there is direct support for some form of collaboration via

Collaboration in real-time is possible using something like rustdesk or teamviewer. But if you're on voice chat, you have to at times temporarily disable audio output from your speaker/headphones otherwise their voice will echo back to them when they speak.

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