Transpose dialog can lead to transposition errors/inconsistencies in parts

• May 8, 2021 - 23:59

In some cases transposition by key, can lead to errors in parts.
The error can be regularly reproduced with the attached file.

1) "select all".
2) From the menu bar, choose Tools → Transpose….
3) Tick "Transpose Chromatically" and "To key".
4) Tick "Transpose key signature" and "Transpose chord symbols" (leave as is)
5) Tick "Closest", and select a destination key signature (e.g. G).
6) Click OK.

The whole score is transposed correctly, but the Organ part has lots of errors in measures 7 and 8.


Strange, please put it into the issue tracker

It gets even worse when doing the transpose on the organ part, then a) the same thing happens to the organ but in the man score and b) the voice part doesn't get transposed at all.

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If I delete and regenerate the parts (even the Organ part one only), the issue can be observed again if I save/close/re-open the file. At least, in my environment.
The same happens, to me, if I download and re-open the score you have attached.
This score was pretty fresh (created recently with 3.6.2) from scratch (I should not have copied and pasted from others...).
The measures where I have the issue are "irregular" measures...
I tried musescore 3.6.2 in UNIX (Ubuntu) and Windows (Win 10).

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