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• Sep 3, 2014 - 16:12

Let's say I need to select only the Fingering from a passage (also applies to dynamics and other stuff). I was able to do the opposite (i.e. selecting everything and filtering the fingerings out) but I couldn't filter everything else and leave only the fingerings selected.

When a passage is selected and I open the Selection Filter, every option is checked, meaning that to filter the selection to what I want I need to uncheck some options. So, I thought I needed to uncheck every element until only the fingerings were selected, but I couldn't because there's no option to unselect the notes themselves. The only options are the voices (1st Voice, 2nd Voice, etc.), but when I uncheck them, not only the notes are unselected, but also everything else, including dynamics, texts, fingerings.

Maybe it's just that I don't know how to do it correctly, but I think this is a problem in the software.

I also think that even if it was possible to unselect the notes and then unselecting everything else and leaving only the stuff you want selected, it would probably be good to also have the option of just checking what you want to be selected instead of having to filter everything else out. Again, maybe this is already possible and I'm not being able to do it.

I'm using the 2.0 beta


Yes, in particular, my comment to the second thread listed above:

I think the filter assumes you want to copy notes + something else. To copy markings *only* with no notes is kind of separate, but supported (for certain markings, anyhow) *if* the rhythms match well enough. Unfortunately, fingers don't seem to be supported. Lyrics, articulations, figured bass, and chord symbols are it, I think.

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Thanks for the answes, Marc and Shoichi.

If I look at the filters as something to select what else I want to *copy*, other than notes, it makes sense. What I really wanted, though, was to delete stuff instead of copying. In wanted to delete the fingerings, leaving only the notes. You also pointed the "select all similar in range selection" solution that seems to solve my problem, and it seems pretty nice, I will test it in my computer later it works great!

If this is the solution, it would probably be better to have this option in the Edit menu, close to other selection related options, instead of only showing it in the right-click menu. It would be easier to find. Do you think it's a good feature request to put in the tracker?

I made a stupid suggestion to add this to Edit menu, so users can find it in a place other than right-click menu, but putting it there one would not be able to tell the computer what is the object that others need to be similar to. I think when the documentation is updated maybe users will find this more easily.

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Agreed. But the "select all similar in the range selection" is not efficient, since you need to click three times in the right-click menu. This is tricky. You need to take some time to precisely locate the option in the right-click menu. It is pretty time-consuming when you do this repeatedly. I would still recommend that the selection filter could allow users to select only "markings". This is also more intuitive.

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I agree. Adding a notes check box to the selection filter would be nice. There is a problem with this though. What does MuseScore do when only slurs or arpeggios is selected and the destination does not have a rhythm that will support the selected items? For example, in the case of arpeggios, you have a measure with two 1/2 note chords with arpeggios and you paste to a measure with a 1/8th rest followed by an 1/8th note and a dotted 1/2 note, what does MuseScore do? This is the reason MuseScore does not allow copying and pasting of multiple items that rely on a rhythm.

Adding the option to not copy notes is doable but very complicated because only certain things can be copied and pasted without regard to the notes. MuseScore would have to automatically select and deselect items to prevent the possibility of copying multiple items that rely on notes.

In the end, I think the select>more form the speed menu is just as easy for the user.

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I don't see a way to do things in the Selection Filter that would take fewer clicks than needed to activate the right click menu. Actually it would be worse because you'd need to reset the filter when you're done.

Range selections and list selections are fundamentally different and work in different ways, with different sets of operations allowed on each etc. It really is better - more consistent and hence intuitive once you understand the distinction - for the filter to do one thing, the select menu another, and not have weird half-of-one-half-of-another cases where something looks like a range but is really a list or whatever.

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It wasn't possible in 2018 perhaps (I forget), but you can do this in MsueScore, just click "All" first to deselect everything, then check what you want. There are also a host of other ways to create such selections, depending on your goal. 3.5 introduces another really powerful one: click one element, shift+another of the same type, to select all similar elements within that range. So, as per the original post here, click on fingering, shift+click another, done.

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The Selection Filter is very handy for Voices, I especially like that unlike Sibelius you can just leave it on. That's very handy.

However, as far as I can tell, the Selection Filter isn't working properly for elements besides Voices. It won't even let you make a selection unless there are notes in a voice, and you have that voice selected. For example, I want to isolate all the hairpins in a selection. I make my selection, open Selection Filter, click "All", it deselects everything, I click on "Hairpins", nothing happens because nothing is selected. Okay, fine, I try to make a selection now, but nothing can be selected because the filter won't allow it. How exactly does one use the "Hairpins" part of the Selection Filter then?

On the plus side, this whole world of "Select Similar Elements" seems pretty nice. I adapted to the idea of filters from Sibelius, but maybe this way of thinking makes more sense anyway.

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The selection filter is used to either include or eliminate certain items from a selection. To chose all items of a type, use the right click on an item then either Select>All similar items... or Select>More... which brings up a dialog that lets you specify what you either want to limit to the selection or eliminate from the selection. See for general instructions about this. The options are pretty self explanatory and will probably vary from the examples in the link.

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