Deleting rests

• May 5, 2021 - 15:10

At times a whole note rest appears in a measure that is otherwise complete with notes. When I highlight the rest and hit "delete" nothing happens. How do I remove these rests?


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It looks like this score may have been imported from MusicXML, and it seems the MuiicXMl file in question thought there should be a lot of extra beats in many of these measures. I'm guessing maybe that was the result of an attempted PDF conversion? That sort of AI technology isn't very sophisticated, so it's pretty common to get pretty unusable results as this is. Realistically, you'll almost certainly need to scrap that approach and consider just entering this music by hand.

but for the record, to actually remove beats from a measure that has too many (as evidenced by the "+" signs that appear), select the notes or resets you want to delete and press Ctrl+Delete. I think it very unlikely this will help, though, as the errors here seem pretty all over the map.

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That score is corrupt:
Measure 34, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 146/64; Found: 55/24
Measure 55, staff 3 incomplete. Expected: 55/16; Found: 6252/1728
Measure 63, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 85/64; Found: 256/192
Measure 63, staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 85/64; Found: 2487/1728
Measure 104, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 17/8; Found: 4584/1728
Measure 110, staff 2, voice 2 too long. Expected: 122/64; Found: 368/192

And is a complete mess:


See those little grey + signs? Those mean that the measures are longer than the time signature asks for

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I'm actually enjoying inputting everything. Takes me back to Theory 101. I hear myself mumbling the notes of each chord. Also takes me closer to what Mr. Brahms was doing. And I'm learning how to use the various MS elements. Pretty soon I'll be digging out the old paper maps and ditching GoogleMaps.

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