• May 3, 2021 - 23:55

I got charged by Musescore last year 2020, the moment I started my Free Trial. To maximize my payment, I canceled the subscription in the middle of the year. Fast forward to today, I got an email saying a got billed by Musescore again for the whole year of 2021.

I am trying to cancel, remove my card somewhere on the system or even delete my account just so I don't get billed or even to file for a refund but do not see anywhere in the system where it helps me on this.

This is an unauthorized charge and during this pandemic, this charge is just so wrong.

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Hi dragonwithafez,

Thanks for taking the time to respond and provide the links. I have tried those and there is no data of the charges on my account. My account subscription shows as inactive. I have tried reaching customer service and they just pointed me to Google Play.

I also posted here in hopes that someone might have the similar experience and can share a workaround, or what to do.

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Certainly not on this website, you can't, there is no subscription offered here so nothing to cancel. As explained above, the subscription you refer to is on another website, probably, o you need to go over there to ac cess your account info, contact support staff, etc.

I think u have to cancel before the subscription has ended
like if i subscribe on 2022 April 1, then i have to cancel before 2023 March 31

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