Ugly apperance in lyrics with verses

• May 2, 2021 - 13:43

If you have ever composed a song with verses using the old default font Free Serif, and want to display it in the current version, you will see that everything is in Edwin except the first syllabe of the song with the number. I do not have to mention that this looks ugly unless you compose atonal nonsense 😂😂.
It is very tedious to correct this, but there is a way. First click on a syllabe and then chose Select -> All Similar Elements . Then the lyric text is select.
Then you press F8 to invoke the inspector. You have to click on the x right to the font display. Having accomplished this, you will find that the lyrics look nicer than before.


No, I have not noticed that yet, and my scores all have lyrics, and I'm in the process of converting them to 3.6

Have a pre 3.6 score to check?

In your images I do see a stray dot under the A
And a pretty big distance between the numbers and the syllables, after the adjustment, they don't allign properly too.
I do also see also that the "Remove Custom Formatting" button is active, this should indicate a mid-syllable font change

If you attach your actual score we can understand and assist better. Assuming entered your lyrics normally as plain text with no custom formatting, there should be no problems. But if you do for whatever reason enter custom formatting into different spots throughout your text, the simple 5-second soluton you mention corrects this nicely. Note the Inspector would normally be open at all times, you shouldn't need to press F8 to open it unless for some reason you closed it previously.

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