OpenType CALT not supported?

• May 1, 2021 - 04:51

I'm working on a font for music analysis which is almost ready to release. It works correctly in Dorico, Finale, and Sibelius, but it seems Musescore does not support some OpenType features, specifically CALT.

Standard ligatures and kerning do seem to be working correctly. Can anyone confirm that CALT is not supported? Perhaps I need to make some adjustments in the script? Thanks.

PS: here's a (somewhat nonsensical) sample of what MusAnalysis can do:

MusAnalysis sample.jpg


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Sure. From Marc:

We use different font rendering libraries in different platforms I think, and they tend to be very particular about which options use when generating the font - whether you include Apple-specific info, use old-style Kern, etc. so it could be you just need a little trial and error.

[back to me]: I'm not really sure I know why it's not working correctly, but I'll keep at it.

I'm not sure how you are planning on licensing this, but feel free to share the font here or send me a copy at and I can poke around a little. Campania uses CALT, yes, but not in a particularly sophisticated way, maybe you push it harder. Or maybe it's platform dependent, or format-dependent.

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Thanks Marc! I actually figured it out... I needed to add CALT to the default script (it was in the Latin script, but it seems MuseScore uses the default). It now works as expected!

I will be hopefully releasing it this week (for free, under OFL). I’ll post a link here, and welcome feedback.

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Now that you mention this, I do kind of remember encountering this as well!

Looking forward to checking it out, I've heard great things about your work but haven't had an opportunity to try MusGlyphs yet. For my purposes, Campania does most of what I need, but I wouldn't mind an easier way to deal with the modulation symbols :-)

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Hello Dan, Thanks for all your hard work. I'm a student from Venezuela and I use musescore for my harmony analysis. Here we used both roman numbers and the T,S,D analysis (like Dieter De La Motte). I can't find any solution built-in musescore to do my harmony exercises and your font looks like the only solution. Can you send me the link with the free version of it? Sadly I can't afford to pay for it.

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