playback for a 2 voice score

• Apr 27, 2021 - 12:36

Is it possible to play each of two voices in a composition separately ?
it would help in the composition stage,


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That works, though if a section is marked for a repeat-loop it might not happen immediately. That seems slightly random - but usually when the repeat is restarted all the muted voices are turned off - and all the active voices are audible.

What I'm now trying to check is whether voices can be assigned to different instruments - which I think may be possible, but I've not managed to get it working.

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The is possible, with tricks.
Like by using any instrument that has multiple channel, like violin (most strings actually), trumpet (and some more brass), or even 'women' and 'men'.
On these use some staff text and its properties to assign channels to voices and in Mixer assign sound to the channels

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