Musescore crashed... and I lost everything, 1000's files

• Apr 25, 2021 - 14:23

Musescore crashed this morning.
I uninstalled, re-installed etc, rebooted, the Tut.
I am 62 yrs and still has at least 15 yrs music education ahead of me. COMPLETELY dependent on Musescore for my work. Lessons, arrangements, compositions, comms with other mus-teachers, etc. Daily between 1 and 6 hrs working with MS.
Now lost EVERYTHING. Thousands and thousands of files from the past 12 yrs of work.
All my files are in format '.FILENAME.mscz,' and cannot open. It states 'which program do you want to open this file' with no reference to musescore.
What to do, please?


A crash of MuseScore would never ever loose scores, except maybe the one open at the time of the crash. The are all still at the same place as before the crash
These '.FILENAME.mscz,' are MuseScore backup files. The normal MuseScore files are usually directly next to those, in the same folder or, as of 3.5(?) one level up.

Once you have sorted out the immediate problem, you need to find a way of saving all of your important work somewhere else. Preferably really somewhere else, so if your house burns down while you are away you can get them back. There are various online storage services you can use (sorry, can't make any specific recommendations, because I use my webserver, which is on a different continent, so if this one unexpectedly subducts...)

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This week I had a catastrophic computer failure. In my mind, my most recent online backup to Google Drive was 2-3 weeks ago. As it turns out, it was actually February 8.

Luckily, (after 72 straight hours of data recovery) my local techs were able to retrieve my files and move them over to a new machine. Not cheap, but I gladly paid for the service. I promptly backed all my crucial data to the cloud.

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I wish I knew what happened. I was in the middle of adding a repeat sign in a piece when things froze up. After that, I couldn't get past the BIOS screen. The techs were able to read the drive, but at about 1/1000 of the normal speed. It was a mid-range ASUS, and apparently that model is prone to failure after four years. The real learning experience was discovering that my backup was three months old, not weeks.

@jojo I've tried to set my Google Drive up to automatically run backups, but apparently I'm challenged in that regard.

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I'm not talking about taking backups om a more or less regular and scheduled base (which is needed too), but about syncing files, actually entire directories. That way the files are in the cloud within minutes after each change.
I know for sure, because I use it myself, that and also OneDrive does this. I'm pretty sure GoogleDrive can do that too.

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Google Drive definitely does this, I rely on this often. And OneDrive has bailed out me and many others I know, countless times.

If you're on Windows, you don't even need to be "smart" to use OneDrive - it's enabled already by default. You'd have to be "smart" to know how to turn it off - but not smart enough to realize it's a bad idea unless you're also smart enough to run your own backup service :-)

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With Google Drive, you don't need to set it up to do backups - it backs up everything in it automatically. You just have to install it, and then actually use it - save your files to the Google Drive folder instead of your regular Document folder. Although I gather it's possible to get it to do that too. But that seems more complicated and a bit scary to me.

To be 100% clear: no crash of MsueScor,e no anything that MsueScore could ever do under any circumstances, will ever delete even one of scores. not ever. Has never happened, will never happen. Your files are exactly on right there on your hard drive in whatever folder you saved them to. So, the first question for you, what is the exact pathname of the folder you believe you saved your files to?

If you aren't seeing them, then you are simply looking in the wrong folder. The trick will be remembering what folder you actually did save them to. But I absolutely promise you they are still there.

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