Note input mode: Change note duration using keyboard (TAB)

• Apr 25, 2021 - 09:27

Is there any way in note input mode to correct a note duration using the keyboard? In this measure the last note, (string 1: fret 2), is supposed to be a 32nd note but I have entered a 16th and there is no time left for the next note in the measure.

I can't find a key to press to correct this duration without exiting note input mode.


My shortcuts for note durations are: whole, minim, crotchet, quaver, semiquaver and demisemiquaver.


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But new notes are entered where there is no note already under the cursor, (or they wouldn't be new), so I don't follow what you mean.

Maybe because I've assigned shortcuts Quaver and Whole it has stopped their other meaning. What is the default action for Q & W? I can try assigning them to O and P instead.

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I think you are confusing the cursor with the selection. In order for the duration keys to modify existing notes, they would need to act on what is selected. That's how all the other shortcuts work for changing pitch, changing string, changing visibility, changing notehead, etc. And that means, they act on the notes you just entered, not on the whatever might exist at the note input cursor.

Anyhow, no, Q & W just don't seem to work in tab - I use them all the time on standard staves but they don't work on tab. They are supposed to halve or double the duration of the selected note. What they seem to do instead is change the duration on the toolbar, which I guess is kind of clever, since otherwise accessing the durations is a little more work on tab than for standard staves (requires Shift. But it means the one way we do provide to change duration of an already-entered note while still in note input mode doesn't work in tab.

At one point I actually implemented a command that would take whatever you have selected on the note input toolbar (duration and/or accidental) and apply it to the current note. But no one, including myself, seemed all that convinced this was really the best way to address the issue.

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