MuseScore Instrument Patch ASDR Info Tips?

• Apr 22, 2021 - 16:41

MuseScore Instrument Patch ASDR Info Tips?

I have found the current MuseScore Instrument Index at

What I would like to do before I try making a test score playing all 1100 of them cringes is to ask politely if there are additional references regarding the different patches, particularly their ASDR envelopes, both Volume and Frequency EQ.

For example by listening I can tell that Sweep Synthesizer has a slow Attack Volume before it hits its Sustain. Looking at the Official MuseScore Instrument Index it says:

Sweep Synthesizer
longName: Sweep Synthesizer
shortName: Synth.
description: Sweep Pad Synthesizer
musicXMLid: synth.pad.warm
clef: G
transposingClef: not set
concertClef: not set
barlineSpan: 2
aPitchRange: 36-96
pPitchRange: 21-108
transposeDiatonic: not set
transposeChromatic: not set

From the word "pad" I can maybe guess it is a flat sustain before it decays. However I had to try it to find out it had the slow Attack I was looking for.

My goal is to pick out fast and slow Volume Attack patches to fit into my compositions. Also to try Sustain Delay Frequency EQ variations already in MuseScore patches (assuming there are some) before I try diving into building my own from scratch in a digital sound editor or further researching additional MuseScore soundfonts.

Appreciate your thoughts and tips!


Ypu'd need to look into the Soundfont(s) for this, not the instruments list. There are only 127 sounds in a GM foundfont.
Would be nice if that instruments list also showed the MIDI patch/channel the instruments use

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