MIDI input from midi keyboard

• Apr 21, 2021 - 22:25

What is the procedure for playing into MusScore and have it appear on the staff?


See the Handbook under note input to learn how to input notes. MIDI doesn't change anything, really, it's still select a duration, enter a pitch; you're just changing you enter the pitch.

There is a limit real-time mode available that can do some basic simple rhythms, one hand only - see the Handbook section on note input modes for more, especially the videos listed at the ned.

But if you were hoping to just play whatever you wanted with both hands and have MuseScore figure out everything, AI technology hasn't come that far yet. You're best bet would be to record with a sequencer then export to MIDi and then import that MIDI file into MuseScore, but again, the AI involved is very complex, you generally won't get readable results very often.

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My experience has been that, while "MIDI input of =notes=" is possibly a time-saver, it just isn't practical to expect this of =rhythms.=

When any human player "plays a score," (s)he is fully expected to "hit the =notes= exactly," virtually their entire creative performance technically consists of "variations in timing and dynamics."

So, this is why, as you're "creating a score," you're tapping your hand on the desk, saying "one - dah dah dah dah - two - dah dah dah dah ..." You're creating something more exact than any human performance of it will ever be.

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