Instrument Names

• Apr 21, 2021 - 16:55

One feature I would appreciate is the ability to change instrument sounds in the staff without changing the part name. For instance, if you had a keyboardist playing different patches they might be playing a piano sound, then celesta, then harp, etc. Right now if you changed the instrument it would change the name of the part, but in the scores I’ve looked at, the part would continue to say “Keyboard,” even though it may play a different sound.

Similarly, a guitar part way switch from guitar to say, banjo in the same song, but the part would still be the “Guitar” part.

The workaround I’ve found is to add a “change Instrument” text, but not select an instrument from the dialog, then go to the mixer and change the sound. But, that is a lot of extra steps for something that seems like it should be relatively easy to do.

Basically there could be a “Part Name” that stays the same for the whole song, and could have the option to change with the instruments if desired.


You can do this already. Just use staff text to indicate the change, then right-click and use Staff Text Properties to select the channel to use. Assuming the instrument is set up to use multiple channels. The "Effect Synthesizer" instrument is, at least, probably several others too.

Using an instrument change works too as you are seeing, and it's not actually that many extra steps, especially considering you can add as many changes as you like first, then go to the mixer at the end and change all the sounds.

Another method is to add the instrument change, select the instrument, then simply change the staff name in Staff/Part Properties. As long as you do so by right-clicking a measure that occurs while that instrument is active, the staff name change applies only to that section of the score.

So, lots of ways to get the job done, but the staff text is the simplest. You can even set up some the way you like then Ctrl+Shift+drag them to your palette for easy reuse.

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