Template in Header

• Apr 17, 2021 - 05:23

Is there a way to save a custom layout of the title section of the score? I want to add some other things to it such as the song number, etc. I know I can save a template with settings and such, but the layout of the header/title doesn't seem to carry over. Is there something I'm missing?


That's not possible. When a score gets created from a template only the template's style settings and instrument setup is taken, everything else (tine and keysig, number of measures, breaks, the title frame etc) is ignored

Save it as a score rather than as a template. Make it read-only so you don't accidentally over-write it. Open it, enter music and then save with a new filename.

What I would is use the custom "User" text styles to define these different attributes, and customize their properties to display as you see fit fit. You can even rename the user styles to something more meaningful like "song number" etc. That all saves as part of your template. Then as you add frame text to your new score created from that template, just give them the appropriate custom style.

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