Tiny Fix: Allow adding Text Element during Range Selection

• Apr 15, 2021 - 20:57

This is a tiny tiny thing, but it does come up for me a lot. When I want to add a System Text or Staff Text (whether it's a section name, a technique, an expression, anything like that) my default move is to select the measure and type the keyboard shortcut. But that doesn't work because MuseScore requires that I select a single element to add those things. It would be nice if, in that scenario, MuseScore could just automatically select the first element in the Range Selection and move forward as normal.

It can be assumed that the user wants to add a text element to the beginning of whatever they have selected--there's no other way to interpret that user input. And this wouldn't replace any current functionality because at the moment what happens is an error popup window that says "You have to select a single element". So instead, MuseScore could just automatically do what it's telling the user must be done. Bingo bango


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