Is there a way to collapse a section of instrumentation on the Grand Staff when not actively editing it? (i.e., percussion)

• Apr 11, 2021 - 04:29

Problem is I'm trying to work on a specific voice (instrument) in a drum part, lots of syncopation, so I blow it up - but each time I play it the band score jumps up to the top of the score and I can't see the drum part. So, I need to reduce the scale to hear it? But then I can't look closely at the drum parts!

If I could collapse the winds and brass while working on the percussion it would save valuable monitor space for seeing the drum section I'm working on. This would go for any section.


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If you would like the visibility controls to remain available you can use the Timeline which has toggles for individual instruments. It saves having to bring up the Instrument dialogue, but it does take its own share of screen space.

An easier solution might be to just switch to Continuous view, then MuseScore can more easily keep your chosen staff in view regardless of zoom, and no need to collapse or hide anything.

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