Harmonic signal.

• Apr 9, 2021 - 21:57

Hello everyone!

Is there a sign or symbol to indicate that a particular instrument (mainly a wind instrument) should play the note written in its harmonic one octave higher?

Thank you very much!


Inside "ARTICULATIONS" palette (left main palettes menu) there is the "°" sign, which is the armonics symbol.

I cannot to say if it is a "universal standard" to any kind of instruments, but... There it is.

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For now, it is just a sign, not a real harmonic sound.

You can get the harmonic sound using a "15..." or "22..." line sign (Palette called "LINES"), which give you the superior octave of the notes. Then, you can go to the "INSPECTOR" and erase the "ON" mark on the "VISIBLE" option. Then, you will get the superior octave sound of the note, which is something like the natural harmonics approximately.

WATCH OUT!!! Some SoundFont files doesn't have some "15" or "22" octave sound for some instruments, because the instrument doesn't have it in the real world. So, you could get no sound at all, with this method.

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