Changing to alternative tunings mid project (guitar)

• Apr 9, 2021 - 05:35

Hi there everyone,
Quick question...I have just edited the string tunings to sound as open G on play back for a guitar song. Unfortunately it has changed all the notes in the piece, possibly to keep the original pitch(?)
I can't undo my work, nor change it there way to return back without imputing all the notes again?
THanks so much


I'm not quite sure I understand the question completely and don't see why you can't "change it back" if you wish to "return back".

But you could perhaps try to add another Guitar (Edit > Instruments) and then copy and paste the notes over? MuseScore will indeed always attempt to keep the absolute pitches of notes already entered.

A common confusion is to believe that you have to check the strings/notes in the "Open" column of the String Data.
This function does not concern guitars, but instruments with bass strings outside the fingerboard, such as lutes. Start by verifying this, and unticking everything, if necessary - image below.
Otherwise, to get back to the original tuning, just edit the pitch again.
If this is not enough, please attach your .mscz file (not a simple image) for a better understanding of things.


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