How can I set all Guitar Right Hand fingerings to the same height

• Apr 6, 2021 - 22:36

How can I set all of these RH Guitar Fingerings to the same height? I know how to do this with chord symbols but when I do this with fingerings the Y distance seems to be from the attached note rather than the staff. How can I set the Y distance to calculate from the staff and not the note? In my attached image, I manually adjusted the height of each fingering. I don't want to manually adjust, I want to a select a group of fingers and set them all to the same height. Please help.

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I guess that's not the standard we implemented, and currently it can't be done from that particular element type as far as I know. But you can enter them as staff text and give them that same text style, and while Space won;t move from note to note as it does for fingering, Alt+Right does.

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