Chord symbols partially disappearing in parts

• Apr 6, 2021 - 07:57

(See attached score)

I entered the chord symbols in the score - all is fine. Then generated parts. In the parts, the letters are hidden, while the extensions remain. The letters are not totally gone - Double-click the chord (as if to edit), and you'll see it's still there!

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Generally, what you describe could be a symptom of there being a problem loading the chord description file as specified in Format / Style / Chord Symbols. I can't see a reason why this wouldn't have worked in your file, but something does seem a bit strange with your chord symbol settings there. Your score is set to use the "Standard" style and each of the chords has been manually changed to MuseJazz Text font using the Inspector. Probably what you really wanted was to simply change to the Jazz style in the dialog, which not only changes the font but uses custom superscripting and other formatting to go with it. Or if for some reason you really did want the MuseJazz Text font but not otherwise do the special Jazz style formatting, you could have instead manually changed only one chord symbol to MuseJazz text then pressed the "Set as style" button ("S" icon) to make all the chords use that same font.

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Everything you've said makes sense - Marc to the rescue again!

Yes, I had "selected all similar" via the Inspector to change the font. The style button makes much more sense.

...and in this case, yes, Chords: Jazz Style makes even more sense. For some reason I had it in my head that this required changing the score (including music font) to Jazz.

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Do you have a .mss file selected in Preferences>Score>Style for Part? That seems to break the Chord symbol display in parts no matter what is in the .mss file. It is a known problem on gut hub so should get fixed in a future version. You can stop it by deleting the .mss file from that part of preferences - at least it fixes problem on my set up!

What you can do is. have an .mss file linked there to set default style of parts and the create the parts . Once created delete the .mss file there and the parts will remain as created but the chord symbol problem will go away - again at east that is what happens on my set up. But it makes it an easy problem to manage.

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