Chord Labelling?

• Apr 6, 2021 - 00:11

I watched a video on entering chords and I understood most of it if not all of it. However when I went to the master palette and then to the fretboard diagrams chart I noticed that the diagrams were not labeled with text above them. Is there a way to text them?

I'm asking, because I would like to add more chords to the diagram chart this would include more than one diagram for the same chord. For an example, most guitarists know there is more than one way to play G Major on the guitar. The same holds true for other chords and I want (and I'm sure others do too) to be able to display this when composing.

If these multiple chords aren't text then the composer will have problems locating them.


If you hover your mouse over the palette cell, you see the name of the chord. For custom chords you add yourself, you can make this happen yourself by editng the palette ce3ll properties via right-click. For now that's the best you can do, there is no way to get the chord symbol to actually appear directly with the fret diagram, due to how this is all implemented.

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