Why is there no 64 bit portable version?

• Apr 5, 2021 - 12:56

I install the program on disk D. if I install the 32-bit portable version, then I install the 64 bit MSI, then I overlay the 64 bit program on the 32-bit portable version, Then I make some settings, Then I install windows again. Then all the settings in the musescore of disk D will not work.


Because it would be less portable. The 32-bit version runs on 32-but and 64-bit Windows, a 64-bit version would run on 64-bit Windows only.
As the MSI version and the PortableApp don't share their setting at all (after all that's the whole point of a PortableApp), I don't understand what problem your having there

Do you reinstall Windows often? For most people this is a once-a-decade thing at most. But if you do it more often than that, then I assume you have some special reasons, and the system administration skills to match.
In which case, you can easily restore your settings simply by backing up the appropriate folders, like AppData.

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I do often reload the system. To be exact, I backup the entire C disk, and it only takes 5 minutes to restore the system. The network environment in China is very bad, and all kinds of rogue software are rampant. I even restore the system once a week, so I love portable software.
So foreigners can't understand the pain that Chinese people can't use non portable software.

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