Actually On Topic This arrangement was "Made With Muse Score 3.6.2 using MIDI to HALion 6 "

• Apr 5, 2021 - 12:09

Hi Folks

Version 3.6.2 Has been the great performer, the most useable version to date for production work and I cover a range of composition types.

Overall it is useable. I really would love it to be the feature hold point version and for the bug bounty the annoying bugs be sorted before adding any new features. It from my experience is a very stable Mac OS app point to work with while the new features are sorted. Thanks for all the efforts.

To the example ...

One Composing Team that "hooked me" on music was the creative genius of Mr Hal David and Mr Burt Bacharach.

A tribute of sorts The arrangement is an amalgam of all the arrangements from live performances that I have had the distinct pleasure to be immersed within.

The Sample Synth is HALion 6 patched into 20 analogue outputs for mix down into a Soundcraft MH3-40 and recorded on Mixbus 32C V 7.0.0 as a single mastered track with no post processing. Just a real time MIDI connection from Musescore to the Synth all running on a top of the breed Intel Silicone 64GB Mac Pro (Mojave) with all the trimmings.

For Collaboration Education and Training Purposes
All rights reserved with respect to the original authors of the composition.

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