Hiding Empty Staves Issue

• Apr 4, 2021 - 01:42

Does anyone know how I can choose to hide empty staves at certain points in a score? Like I want one instrument that has empty measures to be completely hidden for one page, but I also want that same instrument that has empty measures to NOT be hidden and be completely visible for a different page. If I go to "Style" and go to "Score" and check "Hide empty staves within systems", that does do the job, but it won't let me unhide certain instruments with empty measures later on. If I go to that instruments' Staff Properties and enable it to "never hide", then none of that instrument's measures will be hidden at all throughout the entire score. I apologize if this explanation is a bit wordy, but does anyone understand what I'm trying to do and how I can work around this?


Make those staves "non-empty" by adding an element made invisible (e.g. using Ctrl+T or a note from another Voice, made silent and invisible).

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