Glissando tab layout and style minTieLength

• Mar 31, 2021 - 13:44
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It appears that the default glissando layout size is related to style::minTieLength. It looks like minTieLength*2

If you increase the style::minTieLength from 1 to 2, the gliss stretch out way too much. They shouldn't stretch out at all.

Need to rethink gliss layout and maybe use minTieLength+n instead of minTieLength*2.

Even better, use a style called minGlissLength


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It indeed looks like the minTieLength is the min. Gliss lenght too, although I can't see it being used anywhere in glissando.cpp. I don't see it as being twice as large either, mor like being exactly the same.

What would that 'n' be then? How would changing that help to disentagle tie length from gliss length?

Looks like Tablature it taking a bit more space than an Pitched staff with otherwise identical content, here with minTieLength set to 2:
I wonder whether this relates to the difference in calculation, and if so whether that is on purpose?

Syncing the methods (using the exact same calculation in Tablature as is used in Pitched) doesn't seem to make any difference. But doing so seems still to be the RightThing™...

Edit: and it does make a (not very big) difference what using small staves

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I looked at the code you posted above and noticed something strange:

Music Notation:
lll += _spatium * 0.5 + minTieLength;

lll += (0.5 + score()->styleS(Sid::MinTieLength).val()) * _spatium;

That explains why the spacing is so noticeable in tablature.

I played around a little and the best formula I found so far was: lll += _spatium;
It is supposed to be the minimal length, not the best length.

in Pitched there's also an additional * mag_ in the calculation (hidden in minTieLength).

I don't see a really noticable difference in Tablature vs. Pitched, that's my point. See above image and sample score.

With your proposed change the Tablature measure gets narrower than the Pitched one, by about the same amount or was bigger before. But I don't see it as looking any better. And it makes the calculation even more different and with that inconsistent.

No doubt the formula is wrong, or at least quite different from that used for pitched staves (and I did point that out in my first reply), I just don't see it making a huge difference, but please provide a sample score that does

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Here is a picture with 3 versions.

The top uses the formula lll += _spatium

The middle is Musescore 3.6.2 (minTieLength=1) -- the default

The bottom is how I noticed the problem. I tried to space out the 3-2 pulloff at the end using minTieLength and the gliss went nuts.

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Same image inline:
still a sample score is neeeded
And I don't understand how those 3 example have been generated, all with that new formula? If not which with which formula?

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Submitted PR to correct formula for TAB only. It now copies music notation. Still need to add glissMinLen some day.