Exported .mid files give my Synth's pipe organ unwanted vibrato. CC messages to blame?

• Mar 28, 2021 - 12:01

I use MuseScore ( rev 3224f34) to score sheet music for a church ensemble. I also play a Korg Kronos keyboard with the group. I had hoped to play a traditional organ prelude for Palm Sunday (today!). But to play it properly requires a pedal clavier, which I don't have.

My instrument includes a built-in sequencer, so I thought I'd automate the pedal part. I know, not ideal. Church music should be live. But I want to "pull out all the stops" for this Holy Day.

I've entered the score in MuseScore, exported a .MID file, and fed it to Kronos' sequencer. I've been working on it through the night, and it mostly works. But one issue remains. For some reason, I'm getting unwanted vibrato in a certain pipe organ voice when the sequencer plays the piece using the keyboard's tone generator. The voice has no vibrato when played from the instrument's keyboard, so it seems like the .MID file must be the culprit.

I don't mind post-editing the midi data if necessary, but I don't know what needs to be removed. I don't see any CC #1 messages (mod wheel messages, often used for vibrato), but there are other CC's. Or could a SysEx message be the culprit? Is there a document which outlines which messages MuseScore's .MID files use, and what each is used for?

Btw, I have a workaround for today. But I'd like to know for the future.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

I've attached the .MID file. The troublesome voice is on MIDI channel 2 using the convention that channels are numbered 1-16, not 0-15.

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Aacchh, Ken I'm sorry I can't add much to fix your issue with the vibrato etc. and it sounds like you've done your very best. If you want to continue and get very detailed though, you can actually edit your .MID files with software like Logic Pro on a Mac. It starts getting obscure very quickly, but once you learn the basics it works out right!

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