Pasting without overwriting

• Mar 28, 2021 - 05:27

In my experience in the text world, the paste operation does an insert, rather than a replace. Can this be done with notes in Musescore?


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Unfortunately no that doesn't exist.
An insert mode is a long time request but no sign of seeing it implemented any time soon.
So waiting for that you need to manually insert the number of necessary measures (which is a nightmare if you have a score with alternance of time signature), and paste in these new measures.

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If I copy a flute part and forget a quaver and realize that some 10 measures later (because I'm copying using keyboard looking at the original not at my screen) that there is a missing quaver I would indeed happily insert it.
But that is not the point : finding situations where insert is most probably not needed doesn't mean insert is never needed.

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