Dynamic and Articulation Playback Problems

• Mar 26, 2021 - 22:23

So I've created a five measure part for flute, in the image provided, and when I play the five measures, I am noticing a few things that aren't being obeyed:

1) Flute at the start doesn't make the fp sound, and instead plays ff.

2) Flute doesn't obey the crescendo and instead still plays the ff.

3) Flute does not obey the staccato in the fifth measure and plays like a normal quarter note.

What's going on?!

Btw, I do have a soundfont incorporated into the piece, so that may another reason why.

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The Instrument (soundfont) needs to support Single Note Dynamics. In the soundfont which comes along with musescore, the sound needs to be one with an "expr." appended to its name.

Here is a tip for you. Don't use your sound font, but select MuseScore_General and Flute (or SineWave if you wish) and play it. It will play the same way as with your font, ignoring dynamics. Now select Flute Expr. (or any other with Expr.) and it will play just as you want. So, using your Polyphone you can compare these two instruments and maybe you can fix your font then.

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