How to manually install extensions in MuseScore 3.x

• Mar 26, 2021 - 09:57

Dear all, I have to do an orchestration that deviates from usual and therefore I want to check with the
spectrotone approach. I purchased officially the spectrotone files and then wanted to apply that to the various instruments and parts to see how that analysis would react.
In the community I have found the musiced.muxt extension and wanted to install it manually however could not find how to do that. I then manually tried out the following approach:
- in Preferences look at where the Extensions are saved
- go there, create subfolder musiced / 0.12
- in that subfolder unzip the musiced.muxt
Start MuseScore (version 3.6.2, Mac)
in the Help→ Resource Manager only the standard resources are shown but not musiced.
However, if I go to View -→ Workspaces Young Musician and Music Education are listed there.
Additionally, if I choose View -→ Workspaces-→ Young Musician"
and then View -→ Palettes, then the marvellous "Annotation" shows up, with the possibility of marking regions of the score with a specific (yellow marker) colour.

- is the approach I did, the right way of installing extensions ?
- why does the extension not show up in the Help -→ Resources - Extension tab ?
- I need to automatically "mark" with colour specific according to the Spectrotone table, for each instrument in the "basic" or in the "complementary" mode.
I have a full concert to process in this way, and doing it by hand will be very time consuming.
Could this be automated ?
What is the right approach of doing it ?


the resource manager only shows the extensions that do come from MuseScore, not any arbitraty user-provided ones.
So currently only MuseScore Drum Line and the MuseScore General HQ soundfont

Other .muxt files can get installed by starting MuseScore on the command line using the option "-E xxx.muxt" or open MuseScore and drag and drop the muxt file into it.

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I am also trying to install the musiced.muxt extension in MuseScore 3.6.3 I get this message when I follow the instructions from the Music Education resource page:
cannot read file C:Users/Ljobo/AppData/Temp/
unknown type
I have Windows 10.
I also have tried to make a folder in the extensions part of Edit--Preferences, and then put the extension in there (as suggested by the previous writer in this thread) and was not successful.
This extension would be very helpful to me as a music educator.
Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 13-17-12 Music Education Extension.png

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Hi! I'll reply here so others who might have a similar issue can also participate in and possibly benefit from the discussion.

I'm not aware of any particular issues that might occur installing this using the instructions I gave. The error message you report seems very strange to me - I wouldn't think AppData would be involved at all. Ubnless perhaps that's the folder you downloaded to? It should work to simply download to wherever you normally download to, but also, Documents/MuseScore3/Extensions should work. Just make sure you use drag & drop - via the normal file browser on your computer - and not any other method to install it.

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