• Mar 22, 2021 - 18:41

How can I change the place of The frame as you can see the frame is Not in place as in this picture below

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Images (JPEG or PNG files) do not really contain much information for people to work on.

Please attach your score (*.mscz file), so that someone can at least use the Inspector to look at the values for that frame.

You should also explain what you mean, what you'd like to see instead. We don't know from the picture or from the score itself what you'd rather see.

The frame looks like leaving space for characters with decenders, like e.g. lowercase "g" and "j", only that this particular string doesn't have any.
It does, however, look different in your images that it does when I try it


So I wonder whether that string has maybe a line feed in it?
As has been said: sample score needed

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