Creating PDFs for screen display

• Mar 21, 2021 - 11:06

Has anybody had experience with creating PDFs specifically for display on a tablet? I'm using forScore to keep all my music, both scanned and typeset.

Most importantly, Paper settings and margins should need adjustment. Tablets' screen aspect ratios usually differ from printed paper. Also, one would like to use most of the screen for music, and have smaller margins than in print. AFAIK, there are no paper sizes for screen display in the list of paper sizes.

Maybe there are other things that MuseScore could do towards good screen reading experience. Some ideas:

  • Include metadata such as composer, work title, etc. in PDF
  • Sections or rehearsal marks as bookmarks in PDF
  • Links for repeats, such as D.S. al coda (forScore has a handy link feature)
  • Export times for automatic page turns


a 10" tablet is almost the same size as A5. But A4 scores often fit (in portrait), due to the crisp and sharp High DPI displays, and the lossless (vetorized) zoom, if the scaling isn't set too small. In landsacape it always fits well without zooming, but needs scrolling. Then again a multi-page score needs scrolling anyhow.

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