Bug loading instruments in the Synthesizer

• Mar 21, 2021 - 09:04

I usually work with several scores opened in tabs with a default set of instruments as in the first image.
Now, I open another score in a new tab and load instruments saved in the score. As you can see in the second image some instrument are duplicated. All other scores are screwed up, because wrong instruments are getting selected in the mixer.
You would think to fix the problem by loading default set again, but no luck. It gets worse. See the next picture.
Now you have to clean up the list of instruments to restore the order. Even if you remember the order in original list, other scores are still screwed up in the mixer.
When instead of all your instruments you see Grand piano selected in all your scores, you naturally want to kick some butt.

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It's hard to tell from your description. It seems like you have different instruments loaded in the synthesizer for different sessions of MuseScore. I'm not sure why you just don't load everything you use and leave it there. Every time you delete and add fonts, it can cause the result you are having. It's not a bug just because the software doesn't work the way you think it should. Review the section of the manual on the synthesizer.

can you attach the score with the issue and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem?

I can easily believe loading soundfonts from a score might produce unpredictable results depending on what soundfonts were already loaded. Maybe best to clear the list first?

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This is not a new problem, as I reported it five month ago (https://musescore.org/en/node/311154). And I do exactly what mike320 advised me to do. But apparently it leads to the worse result.
I use instruments for classic, rock, jazz and folk music from lots of sound fonts. I cannot load all them at once, as bobjp wonders, because any unforeseen new instrument is going to screw up a huge list of instruments, so I'd have to do even more cleaning up. Every time I switch tabs I would have to do cleaning job over and over again. I know bobjp thinks it's not a bug and that it was devised like that, and I should read the manual, but I think it's B.S., and I wonder why Musescore cannot do this simple for it job.
I also reported another bug (Audio export bug - https://musescore.org/en/node/318302), which seems to me is related to this one. Now I have to check all my exported audio to see if the right instruments are playing.

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That other thread seems to be about difficulty moving instruments in the list; meanwhile you'll see there have been improvements - new buttons to simplify this. There is also a mention of things not somehow not working right, but unfortunately no specifics. Again, without a sample score and precise step by step instructions to reproduce a perceived problem, there is nothing anyone can do to start investigating.

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Agreed. Adding a font in the middle of a session will cause all kinds of problems. This is nothing new. So don't do it. You tend to waste your own time by insisting that something like this is a bug and needs to be fixed. Rather than working a little differently and avoiding the problem.
Reloading a font? Of course you get duplicates. That's why you are repeatedly asked for step by step descriptions of what you are doing so that people can help you. But you will no doubt have to change your workflow.

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This is nonsense.
It sounds like you never used good quality software. I've been using REAPER along with Musescore for more than 8 years and always working with multiple tabs in DAW I never saw that a project in one tab screwed up selected instruments in other tabs. Your logic is very strange, to say the least. You say it's not a bug, but well known problem. I reported several bugs causing MS crashes, but I guess with your logic I should be "working a little differently and avoiding the problem". So, it's my fault now that I stumbled over some well-known problem and got my scores all screwed up? And why do you need my "step by step descriptions" if "This is nothing new"?
So, all bugs now are users' faults. I'm not sure if I witnessed this kind of B.S. artistry before in my long life.
"Adding a font in the middle of a session will cause all kinds of problems". Do you understand that yourself? Should I close MS and then add instruments into the closed program?
I understand that you in the first line of resistance (not support), but still you should re-think the way you "help" here. This is all too funny.

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Did you review the manual like I said? No you didn't. Why bother to help you if you won't take even simple advice. If you had bothered, you would understand why I said what I said. I'll save you the trouble. Here is a quote from the manual.

"Notes: (1) "Synthesizer settings" include the order of SoundFonts and SFZ files, effects set-up, master tuning and volume. (2) Only one set of Synthesizer settings can be in effect at a time—i.e. if multiple scores are open at once, it is not possible to make changes to the Synthesizer in one score and leave other scores' settings untouched. (3) Changes to synthesizer settings will not be heard in exported audio files unless saved to the score first (see table, above). See also Tuning (below)."

So it is not a bug. Stop twisting my words and do some reading. I'm not blaming you for anything. I'm only suggesting that you learn how to use the software.
Do you use the "save to score", "load from score" and "load defaults" buttons?
Believe me when I say there are plenty of things that I don't like about MuseScore. But they are not bugs because I don't like them. They are the way the software works. You claim that because Reaper works differently than MuseScore, that MuseScore is full of bugs. The logic of that escapes me. They are completely different programs that do different things.

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