Please correct my chords!

• Mar 21, 2021 - 01:24

This is my first try to add guitar chords to a vocal part. Please help me to male it better!
(I know there can be different variants.)
Please save your version in MS 2 compatible format ;)

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This part is playable as is, but not very interesting. If you are not a guitar player suggestions might not mean much to you. What are you after?

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Scores saved as .musicxml work in MS 2, while your picture is so small that I hardly deciphered it using maximal zoom in my browser, but thank you anyway ;) I have no idea about seventh chords - regular 3-note chords are complex enough for me ;)
I tried your version, and I don't understand why the guitar goes up from the 2nd measure while the vocal part does not. To me, they does not fit each other. My goal is ti make chords fit the voice (which was written not by me), maybe by selecting the chords in a better way than I did - but not to create a completely new "more interesting" tune. Sorry if I did not explain it clearly enough
So, any ideas on improving the existing tune, not making a new one?

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As I said, your guitar part is playable as is, although my little finger isn't quite long enough to play it easily. I changed the A minor chord against the B in the melody ( a ninth chord). Maybe you like that. No seventh chords in what I wrote. Plus the notes I wrote are part of regular chord fingerings. There are hundreds of ways to realize this melody. Only you know what it is that you want. Have fun with it.

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