Better way to add chord diagrams

• Mar 20, 2021 - 07:11

Suppose I have a score and have added the chords (text) above the staff. Now I want to add the guitar chord diagrams. This can be a somewhat cumbersome process of dragging the symbol from the pallet and then editing it to get the intended fingering. I suggest that if the chordname is already there (ie Cmaj7), that a right click on it bring up the context menu with a “Add guitar chord diagram” as one of the options. Choosing this would bring up a dialog with ALL (or almost all) of the various Cmaj7 forms. Make a selection and presto, it’s added to the score. This would serve two purposes. First, it would inform me of the various ways a Cmaj7 chord can be played, and second, it would save me the time of having to edit the diagram to match the chord form I want.

This idea have any traction?


First, you never need to drag to use the palette - a simple click does the job, attaching the symbol to whatever note or rest you have selected. Second, while the palette is pre-populated with some sample chords to get your started, as you build your own personal library of favorite chords, you can Ctrl+Shift+drag them back to the palette for easy re-use.

There are an almost infinite number of ways any chord can be played, so I'm not sure an AI algorithm to attempt to generate them all would really be that beneficial - it would be utterly ovewhelming. Better to just choose your own personal favorites. and add them to your own palette. You can even organize the palette to have separate ones for C vers C#/Db vers D etc, or for major versus minor versus dominant, etc.

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