Improve the Inspector

• Mar 18, 2021 - 07:08

Sometimes I see a mark on a score and I don’t know what it is or what it means. Or I want to duplicate it but don’t know where in the pallets it came from. I can’t look it up in the glossary because I don’t know what it is. It occurs to me that this information could/should be included in the inspector. The inspector could even have a link to the docs that would explain how to use that particular symbol. Also, the inspector should allow me to edit ALL the editable characteristics of the item I am inspecting, not just some of them. Page number font size is a good example of this.


The status bar should help there, and tell you what kind of element it it (in a way the inspector does too), the F1 key should get you to the relevant handbook page too.
There is no page number font size, that's just nothing you can change separately, you'd need to use the header/footer text font size

In general, the Inspector does allow you to edit all the editable characteristics of individual items. If you don't see a setting in the Inspector, it pretty much means it is not independently editable. In the case of page numbers, individual page numbers aren't editable at all, nothing about them is. They are generated automatically according to your style settings.

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