How to delete rests in drums

• Mar 18, 2021 - 01:44

How do I get rid of unwanted rests in the drum section? I've tried just deleting it but it doesn't work

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It's difficult to be sure from just a picture, but those rests look correct to me. The downstem notes are voice 2 , the upstead voice 1, and the rests complete each voice as per the normal rules of standard notation. In fact, you're missing the necessary voice 2 rest on beat 3. Or maybe you really mean, mean, you'd rather put all the notes in the same voice? That wouldn't be common - the standard is for notes played with hands to be stems up in voice 1, notes with feet stems down in voice 2. But there are some editors who choose to place everything in one voice. You can use Tools / Implode to merge the voices, or move notes individually with the toolbar buttons, or customize your drumset definition to place all notes in voice 1.

I know this is a late response but you can put all the drums undser the same voice and press shift in order to add multiple drums at once under the same voice, and it won't cause the random rests

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