Can MuseScore automatically transcribe whatever I play on a MIDI keyboard, and if not, is there any chance of that feature being added to a future version of MuseScore?

• Mar 16, 2021 - 20:47

Hey, so basically what I would like to do is play an improvisation on a MIDI keyboard connected to MuseScore so I can see the sheet music for it. I don't know if DAW's can do this and I don't have the time to research if they can or not (if you know that would be great). Does MuseScore have this feature without having to select the duration of the note and certain staff and all the other things needed in step-time (or whatever the default
mode is) mode?
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If you would like a bigger description, just ask.
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Realistically, if you play only a single note at a timer and play slowly and clearly, then yes, you can get about as good a result from the real-time MIDI input feature as you can if you speak slowly and clearly to Siri on your phone. Although it's probably easier and less limiting to use a sequencer or DAW to record the MIDi file, then import that into MuseScore.

If on the other time you are playing multiple notes at a faster speed, you might get something, but chances are it will be unintelligible. That's more like taking Siri into a crowded room with lots of people talking at once and trying to get a full transcript of all the conversations.

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Did you mean "time" instead of "timer"? Thanks a lot anyway. Also, this is not essential, and I'm not sure if you know this and I'm fine if you don't, but if I did decide to record what I play in a DAW (piano left and right hand at the same time) and then import the MIDI file into MuseScore, a) would MuseScore recognize the different hands or would I have to separate them or just record 1 hand and stick the MIDI files into two different files and b) would the note durations be accurate? Again, thanks for your help.

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Yes, I meant one note at a time.

If you record both hands together into a DAW and save the result, MuseScore will do it's best to guess which hand played what, but it won't be any more than a guess - MIDI doesn't contain that information. And chances are good it will be wrong a lot unless your music is extremely simple. So where possible, recording the hands separately is wise. not practical if it's an improvisation of course. Realistically, your best bet is to record it then listen to it and transcribe it yourself - almost guaranteed to go faster than attempting to correcpt the many inappropriate guesses not just about hand but also about how to interpret rhythms, use of multiple voices, etc.

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Oh, as for durations, that's anbother of the impossible to solve problems. Say you're playing at a tempo of 60 BPM, so a quarter note is exactly one second. You play a note for 0.873 seconds. How should that be notated? A quarter note you played a little short? A dotted eight you played a little long? A double dotted eighth you played almost perfectly? Now, how about if that note starts 0.16 seconds before the beat - was that just a regular note you played a little earlier, or is it really a note tied over the barline? Now play two notes at once, but hold one 0.9 seconds, another 0.6 - is that one chord, or two independent voices, one playing a quarter and the other playing an eighth?

That's why I say, chances are very low of getting anything usable. Not because of any limitation in MuseScore, but because these are completely subjective questions that require human expertise to answer and even then there could be debate.

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