• Mar 16, 2021 - 19:23

I have a score that inlcude "Djembe", but what I can see there is no Djembe options here in musescore. Is there a way to create it or is it somewhere where I have't look?


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Conga drum is similar-ish and is part of the General MIDI standard and thus can be used with no additional soundfonts. But as I said, you should also be able to find a soundfont that does include djembe if you search. Really, to get the sound of any of these instruments, you need quite a few different samples - different ways of hitting the drum, different areas of the head to hit, etc. So a specialist soundfount would really be needed to do it justice.

You can certainly notate for it already, just choose any other basic drum. If you are concerned with getting the exact playback sound, just do a web search for a soundfont that contains samples for it. The instrument is not part of the General MIDI standard which is why MuseScore's default soundfont does not contain it. So nor will other standard-compliant soundfonts. but no doubt specialty ones exist that you can find and use. See the Handbook section on soundfonts for more info.

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