Bluetooth page turner

• Mar 15, 2021 - 21:24

Can MuseScore be used with a bluetooth page tuner foot pedal?


I think Donner Rechargeable Wireless Page Turner Pedal (Amazon) may work. I ordered one from Amazon and waiting for it. From Amazon users comments, Donner Page Tuner does not interact directly with app/programs (except for iPad app). For Android device or PC, it simply emulates a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with just 2 keys. The important key (right pedal) is the PgDn key. For Android device or PC, perform the Bluetooth paring dance to pair your Android device or PC to the Donner Pedal before use. If your PC does not have Bluetooth, an inexpensive USB BT dongle will work (Windows 10 has built in drivers to drive modern BT dongles).

I tested the PgDn key with MuseScore and it works as a decent page tuner. I also use Microsoft EDGE browser to display PDF score sheets and the PgDn key achieves the desired result.

I got my new Donner Bluetooth Page Turner foot pedal. It turns out that if you use Musescore on a tablet or PC, Musescore does the page turning automatically so you don't need a Donner Bluetooth Page Turner, in fact, the Donner Bluetooth Page Tuner does not change the behavior of Musescore at all. However, when displaying PDF music scores (e.g. using Microsoft EDGE, or Acrobat Reader), the Donner Bluetooth Page Tuner works beautifully.

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I'm looking to get a new tablet to be able to use sheet music with. I was wondering, if the music has a repeat on page 4 that goes back to page 1, will it automatically go back to that page? Just to be sure I'm clear - this is while I am playing the piece on the piano, not while it is playing back in MuseScore.

More information: Donner Bluetooth Page Tuner does interact with Musescore in PC when Musescore is in "display" mode (i.e., not playing), PgUp and PgDn function of the foot pedel (right pedal, left pedal) interacts with Musescore to move the score up or down.

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