Missing characters when printing

• Mar 14, 2021 - 16:16

Since the recent update, printing a score produces a really odd result: the clefs (except, curiously, for tenor and bass clefs) and the bottom half of the time signature, along with parts of the system brackets, are missing from all pages. I have an M1 Mac, and if I save the MuseScore file as a PDF, everything is there. But if I attempt to send it to my printer (either directly from MuseScore or via the PDF), the characters won't print. But everything else seems to print fine. I've attached an image for comparison. Any ideas what might be happening?

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sanctus-print-problem.jpg 378.87 KB


And for good measure (no pun intended), here's the MuseScore file. But it's happening on every piece I've written in MuseScore. I assume it's some sort of font issue, but I'm not sure. Could it be caused by the new MuseScore font system (which I selected as default)?

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This is a known bug affecting Hp LaerJet Pro, only on macOS, only when using AirPrint (as far as we know), and only when using the default Leland font in MuseScore. I'm not sure if anyone has reported the issue to Apple or to HP or who is actually at fault, but meanwhile, the workarounds including using a different printer, not using AirPrinter, or using a different font within MuseScore (Format / Style / Score).

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